Adv. Maayan Weiss Levi

עורך דין, שותף מייסד

Maayan studied both law and business administration and in 2007 received her joined degree from Tel Aviv University.

Maayan’s internship was held at Roy Poliak Law firm. Poliak was recently appointed judge at the National Labor Court.

Maayan was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 2008. During the years 2009-2013 Maayan has worked in a commercial law firm (Zaltzman, Gilat, Knoller, Grauss, Solomon & Co.) Since 2013, Maayan has been working in our office and has recently become partner.

Maayan specializes in litigation, on-going guidance to employers, and representation in personal and collective labor disputes.

Maayan’s unique specialty is class action cases and commercial aspects of labor law.