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  2. Labor and Employment Law
The firm provides a wide range of services relating to employment and labor law, including:

  • Comprehensive legal services in employment and labor law and in related fields, including intellectual property, privacy, anti defamation law, equal rights / anti discrimination laws and administrative law – all in employment related disputes.
  • Legal counseling, written legal opinions and preparation of contracts of employment and services.
  • Litigation – legal representation in judicial instances, including arbitration, mediation, hearings and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Counseling and legal representation regarding collective bargaining agreements, labor disputes and strikes.
  • Legal support for employers as part of recovery and reorganizational processes.
  • Compliance projects for employers, as part of an internal audit.
  • Certified Wage Auditor services, as prescribed by law.
  • Lectures and training for employers on various issues, including the prevention of sexual harassment and bullying.
  • Representation of employee groups in liquidation proceedings and in the exercise of employee rights vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute.
  • Dispute resolution – Attorney Rafi Holin is a consultant and mediator in labor disputes.